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About HI-TEK

With offices in Hanoi, Vietnam, and headquartered in the United States, HI-TEK is a highly recognized as the first Accredited Registrar to promote, market and register its Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) of .VN (Vietnam) online via the Internet.

Since 2000, the Company has partnered with the Vietnamese government to provide a variety of domain name registration and website hosting services that enable businesses and individuals worldwide to establish, maintain and grow an online presence in Vietnam.

HI-TEK's domain name registration services act as a gateway product for our other services which include website hosting, security solutions and productivity tools. Our services are designed to provide an end to end business solution for all technology, online marketing and communication needs. We strive to provide the highest levels of customer care and support in the industry.

About VNNIC - Manager Registry .VN

Established in 2000, VNNIC is an adjunct entity to the Vietnamese Ministry of Information & Communications (MIC), a government agency. VNNIC is responsible for Internet policy in Vietnam, carrying out the functions of managing, allocating, supervising and promoting the use of Internet domain names and addresses in Vietnam. It provides Internet-related guidance, statistics; participates in international activities on the Internet, and administers the master databases of domain names and their corresponding IP addresses for the Vietnamese ccTLD (.vn). It also approves registrar companies, such as HI-TEK. With locations in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City, VNNIC has played a vital role in assimilating Vietnam into the international Internet community, in addition to being a major promoter of domestic Internet development and usage.

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